By: Suzi Recine

Home Decor and Renovation Trends

Tags: Home Decor, Home Renovation

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the changing trends of home décor? Not only can it be a pricey task, but also very stressful and time consuming. We look for inspiration on HGTV and hire home decorators but what better person to bring a vision to life than you! Doing it yourself not only provides you with major bragging rights but an opportunity to get crafty and an opportunity to have fun.

As Fall is approaching, there truly is no better timing than now. Designing your home should not have to come with a heavy price tag or a degree in fashion, that’s why I want to provide you with the latest home décor and reno trends.

Add Colour

We tend to play it safe when it comes to colour in our homes. The typical white, grays and crème dominate our colour palette. But why blend in when you were born to stand out? Adding colour to your home is a major trend this year. Rich colours such as green or blue, make for great accents to spruce up your home. In fact, the fortune 500 company, Sherwin-Williams, colour of the year is majestic teal. Infusing kitchen appliances, furniture or decorative items with colour to your home make its more nurturing, really transforming your house to a home.

Dark Wood

Dark wood is in! Deep, bold furniture adds a luxurious edge to your home. If you have old pieces of furniture that are ready for a face lift, consider sanding then adding … that can be found at Home Depot or the Local Paint Store. Adding brass accent to your furniture is another trend that will be sure to enhance your luxurious finish.

Vintage Fixtures and Velvet

Out with the old, in with the new… except for vintage fixtures and velvet! The current trends in home décor lead us back to the brass and copper lighting fixtures that create a dramatic presence and bold statement to any room. And I hope you didn’t give away your velvet chairs! Velvet furniture compliments any room providing a chic and comforting aura. Time to call your parents and check your storage, this is the easiest money saver!

Open Shelving

Do you have empty walls that need some TLC? An easy way to spruce up your living space is to add wood shelving. As opposed to buying brand new furniture, shelving is a feasible option. The shelves can incorporate your fancy dish collection that you’ve been hiding in your cabinets. It definitely brings creativity and uniqueness into your home. Open shelving even provides you with the option to change your décor to match any season! These home upgrades will even help maximize your return on the resale value of your home! Time to get creative and get going with these easy tips to transform your home.