By: Suzi Recine

Preparing Your Home For the Spring Market

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So you’ve waited out the winter and are finally ready to put your home on the market when spring gets here.  While I am usually all about putting your home on the market when it’s ready and you’re ready to sell, there are many who’d much rather wait out the cold weather for moving.  And, quite frankly, that’s very understandable.  Moving can be a difficult task in the best of weather! Since you’re now in the process of considering putting your home on themarket, you should know about a few things you have the power of doing to have your home “market-ready” as soon as spring hits!

  1. Cleaning and replacing floors
There is no greater casualty to the snow and slush than your floors.  This is especially true with homes that have carpeting throughout and in entranceways.  We’ve all seen guests or the  kids hurrying to get into the home quickly to get out of the cold.  After “wiping their feet,” there’s a fresh track of wet stuff just waiting to stain and damage the floor.  Even in cases where the damage is minor, you want to ensure a homebuyer has the best impression of your home when they walk in. Giving them a nice clean walkway into your home is the best start!
  1. Outside Projects & Repairs
Any damage caused by general age, and your home dealing with the elements itself, need to be fixed ahead of your home being put on the market.  Here’s are few things you can make an outdoor checklist with: While much of that is minor to some when living in their home, you must remember that these things can be a big factor when buyers are looking at multiple properties. If any of the above need fixing, that work should be done by a professional or someone you trust. The last thing you need to worry about is someone making a mess of an outdoor project before you put your home on the spring real estate market.
  1. Declutter, Clean & Stage Your Home

Spring cleaning is a rite of passage for many families.  This couldn’t be more important for those looking to enter the spring real estate market.  I get it, winter is usually a time we accumulate the most “stuff,” in our homes.  When people walk through to purchase a home, having it as empty as possible allows their imaginations to run wild as to where they’ll put their things when they move in. You know what that means? Your “stuff” needs to go! Decluttering, while often also therapeutic, can also give you less to move when you move into your next home as well.  A clutter-free, clean home then becomes easier to stage for the final push through from putting your home on the market, to seeing it sold.