Toronto, Ontario's capital city, has a vibrant history of change and growth, ranging from its early occupation over 1,000 years ago to its current status as North America’s fourth largest city. Toronto is Canada's largest municipality and is made up of the former cities of Toronto, North York, Scarborough, York and Etobicoke, and the former borough of East York.

The city is home to a large immigrant population, and is a national and international hub for finance, communications and cultural life. Approximately 12,500 years ago the Laurentide Ice Sheet, a continental glacier that covered northeastern North America, retreated from the area of present-day Toronto. Soon afterward small groups of Aboriginal people moved into the area to hunt animals such as caribou.

Around 5,000 years ago, settlements in hunting territories began to form, and people congregated in large spring or summer gatherings at the mouths of rivers to fish, trade and bury their dead. By 500 CE the population of Southern Ontario had reached 10,000, and was made up mostly of Algonkian-speaking peoples

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